Scorpio Drake Shows Compassion to a Burgarly


drake-art Photo courtesy of wrap up

A Pennsylvania woman broke into Drakes home …..not to steal money but to drink all of his soft drinks up!!! According to Tmz sources ,

Drake Performs An The SSE Hydro In Glasgow Photo courtesy of getty images

Drake’s legal counselor has reached the L.A. Province D.A. what’s more, made it clear the rapper won’t collaborate in any indictment of the woman who by one means or another got into his Hidden Hills manor, slipped on one of his hoodies and afterward grabbed a Pepsi, Sprite and Fiji Water.

1463568382-effectively-drizzy-land Photo courtesy of Esquire

We’re told Drake trusts the lady has mental issues and supposes it is savage to make her a criminal and send her to jail for the April 3 occurrence where nobody was harmed and little was taken.


Typical Scorpio they feel strong compassion for the sick and helpless.Good for him I hope that lady gets the treatment that she needs…

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