Pushing counsel in astrological aspects

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Ben Dykes in his translation of Bonatti’s 146 Considerations mentions in the Fourth Consideration “pushing strength or power” and “pushing management or counsel.” These ideas derive from the Arabic texts which Bonatti was referencing.  Apparently the use of the word “pushing” comes from the Arabic word دَفْع which is variously translated in English/Arabic dictionaries as the verb to push, thrust, propel, fork out, shove over, render up, shell out, goad, pay, disburse, etc. The dictionary defines “counsel” as “instructiongivenindirectingthejudgmentor conductofanother.” If I am your counselor, I advise or instruct you about how to behave.

Pushing Management or Counsel (Pushing disposition)

Apparently, the Arabic astrologers of the 8th and 9th centuries viewed applying astrological aspects as interactions in which the faster moving planet goaded the slower planet by shoving over its counsel about how the slower planet ought to manage its affairs…

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