Card of the Day – 10 of Cups – Thursday, April 20, 2017

Tarot by Cecelia

Happy, happy! Joy, joy! Mary Layton is back with a very clever 10 of cups for 78 Tarot Astral ~ Tarot in Space. The constellations are the Cups, and I love the simplicity of this card and how it puts across its point. Do you reach the point of what makes you happy today? I say no, but today, Pluto begins its annual five-month retrograde, which will run through September 28. During this time, you will be given the opportunity to review, and come face-to-face, with the realities of what a new form of happiness may entail for you.

Over time, the things which make us happy change, so it is always in our best interest to learn to work with the adjustmentperiods provided by the Universe. Life, after all, would be rather boring if happiness was the same for everyone and nothing ever changed. So, as you begin…

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