Q.2 Astrology Forecast: Dr. Michael Lennox


“Love and Joy are our birthrights, but the human experience is filled with challenges that cause us to put up blocks to this. This year – and certainly the entire passage of Jupiter, the Great Expander, through Libra, the sign of Love and Harmony, is all about stepping more potently into accepting this as a fundamental Truth. Your relationships are where this is going to show up most, so be prepared to allow them to show you just how blessed you are; and where there is still work to be done. By the light of the Full Moon, we can see much more than is usually visible in the dark of night.” –Dr. Michael Lennox, from a recent post on his Facebook page.

Tune into the last segment of The Q.Psience Project this Friday, April 21st after guest Christopher Garetano, for Dr. Lennox‘s quarterly Q.Psience Astrology…

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