Planet Post Up – Sun in Taurus, Last Quarter Square of the Moon, Venus and Saturn Square


The Sun will leave Aries and enter Taurus on April 20, 2017.  Out with the dynamic fire energy and in with the grounded, sensual energy.  Taurus is ruled by Venus (as is Libra).  So plenty of sensuality and romance and luxury with Taurus people.  With Libra, it’s more social and has a tendency to be “flighty” or casual.  With Taurus is more stable and grounded.

Mars is also in Taurus now. A bit of stubborn energy could emerge with this planetary alignment.   Not the worst placement for Mars, but…not one of his most comfortable places to be, either.

There’s also the last quarter square of the moon today.  And the Sun in Aries forms a square to the Moon in Capricorn. So today is not an ideal time to start anything new. Actually, from now until the New Moon in Taurus (next week) it’s not a good time to…

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