Vernal Equinox March 2017

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Vernal Equinox: USA Aries Ingress Chart, Washington D.C. GMT

Happy Spring! The Aries Ingress Chart for the US while intriguing, I am finding it very tricky to evaluate and interpret.  The previous February Solar and Lunar Eclipse were far more action packed, so it appears necessary to evaluate this chart along with other major charts, both previous and upcoming to whittle down  interpretation, and ascertain what’s in store for this year. Kindly note this is only a minor assessment of the Aries Ingress  Chart.

Noteworthy Aspects:

  • Neptune at 12.24 Pisces applying to CONJUNCT Ascendant Pisces at 10.49 degrees.
  • Neptune at 12.24 Pisces to SQUARE Midheaven at 19.20 degrees.
  • Jupiter Rx at 20.32 Libra applying to CONJUNCT Neptune by Antiscia.
  • Moon at 27.30 Sagittarius applying to CONJUNCT Saturn at 27.34 Sagittarius. .
  • South Node at 3.2 Pisces CONJUNCT Fixed Star Fomalhaut.
  • Fixed Star Caput Algol CONJUNCT 3rd house Cusp.

Noteworthy Alignments:

  • Venus Rx, to her detriment resides in Aries at 8.1 degrees in…

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