5 Simple Ways to Connect with your Spirit Guides

Natalie Miles-The Psychic Upgrade

Slide1Who are our Spirit Guides? Our Spirit Guides help us tune into our intuition and send us those all important signs. It’s important for us to realise that we’re not alone on our life journey. They are our cheerleader team in Spirit, helping and guiding us through important decisions, relationships, and working out what makes us happy and where we find our joy. How inspiring is it to know that we can choose to tap into this Spirit guidance whenever we like!

We have many different Guides, but we all have one main Guide that is with us from when are born until we die. They have lived many lifetimes here on earth and just like us have gifts, talents and passions which they like to use, to help and connect with us. We also have other guides on our team that like to work with us at certain points in…

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