11 Crystals & Stones to Help Calm the Madness of Mercury Retrograde

Metaphysical Musings

As I write this blog post (April 13th, 2017) we’re in a very intense time astrologically because we have FOUR major planetary retrogrades occurring (& we just had a full moon in Libra, too!) Venus, Mercury, Saturn, & Jupiter are all currently in backward motion, creating a time of temporary backward movement for us down here on Earth, too, as we are forced to pause & stand still before moving forward in the various areas ruled by these planets.

What is Mercury Retrograde?

A planetary retrograde refers to the period of time during which a celestial body appears, from our perspective on Earth, to stop in its tracks & start moving backwards for a time. This, of course, is an optical illusion similar to the one you experience when driving by a car that’s going slower than you & it appears to move backwards. Astrologically, retrograde periods are…

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