Saturn, moon trine Uranus,Sun,Eris

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

  • It’s a complex day. A big out of sign grand trine appears, made of fire and earth.

The astrology pie is complex today.

Sage moon conjunct Saturn Rx on the Galactic center black hole, a place that annihilates all light and matter. This may feel weighty to say the least. In spite of Sagittarius usually upbeat optimism. Perhaps black humour would be appropriate.

The fiery Moon Saturn like molten lead trines the Sun Uranus And Eris in Aries super charged chaos energy. This puts more fuel on the flames, people are talking about nuclear war with North Korea. The generals have taken over the country. trump did not command that MOAB strike in Afghanistan. It’s a huge macho penis destruction competition show.

Trump is just a ludicrous front man for the army. I fear you’ve been had America and a military coup is taking place which had nothing to do…

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