Moon Box: Full Moon in Libra (The Pink Moon)

Fox on an Island


It’s time for another full moon! This moon (it was on the 11th) is known as the Pink Moon (the April full moon is always the Pink Moon), and the Moon Box for the month is all in super cute tones of pink.

From the Gaia Collective email:

Planet: Venus // Sign: Libra // Element: Air

The land is blooming and the season of Spring is in full swing!

This April Moon gets her name from the wildflower, ground phlox, which most rampantly spreads pale pink color flower buds like a blanket overthe well-hydrated Earth. This will continue for a short and tentative period of time, as young flowers await their full blossom.


The box this month is great, I LOVE the new packaging for the tea blend and oil roller! The cardboard tubes are a nice touch and, I assume, biodegradable. The tea blend is loose inside…

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