Featured Card of the Day – 9 of Cups – 78 Tarot Nautical/Tarot of the Water

Tarot by Cecelia

Artist: Faye Osman

Website: StudioMimosa.com


Dreams coming true, happiness, fulfillment, pleasure

Artist Interpretation

“The keyword associated with the card is “dreams come true, happiness, fulfillment, pleasure”. Basically, the whole premis of the sketch shows a woman underwater surrounded by nine jellyfish, the cups! She smiles in happiness as she holds one of them. Jellyfish are notoriously dangerous creatures, so the fact that she can hold/touch one of them symbolizes the fact she has conquered her fears/challenges.”

A woman floats weightless beneath the waves, her red hair representative of her active mind, her content fact showing her focus and drive. Light shines down on her through the water, signifying her blessings. She is surrounded by nine jellyfish; each of them is a single cup. The woman reaches out her hand to grasp one of the jellyfish, usually poisonous, in her hands, a visual represtation of her chasing her dream. She…

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