Weekend Card: April 14-16 2017 – The Empress


Tarot Pugs TarotPugs The Empress Weekend Venus

Whether you celebrate Easter or not, take advantage of the energy this weekend to enjoy the abundance that you have in your life.


Motherhood, and in particular, womanhood can be important during this weekend, especially when it comes to home and family matters.

A matriarch of the family has an important role to keep the family unit together and takes charge of responsibilities.

Whether you see yourself as the matriarch or someone else in your family, this role may be predominant over the weekend.

There may be an abundance of food and cooking, which if you’re fond of cooking and meal preparation, this will be a good weekend for a get-together to show off culinary skills.

Creativity can be at a peak this weekend as well and new ideas may be cultivated.

Springtime is here and everything is full of renewal and birth.

This may mark the…

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