United Airlines,Astrology in action literally

Nice piece. One more point: the higher forms of Scorpio include the hawk, eagle, and phoenix. i.e. Scorpio has a connection to “things that fly” and sometimes “fly too high.” Police are also Scorpionic, such as the ones that actually dragged the man off the plane. (Don’t you wonder how they would react if they were on the other side of this, someone using power or force to remove them after they had paid to be there?  Maybe they would fly as members of the “club”: http://www.businessinsider.com/united-airlines-fight-club-meme)

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Astrology manifests the planets energies so literally. Don’t believe it?
Most people have been reading about UNITED AIRLINES incident April 9th where a Dr. Dao was hauled off of a United Airlines flight so that its employees could get on.
Dr. Dao was hurt, bloodied and was spotted afterwards repeating “Kill me” over and over, clearly very traumatized. Everyone is outraged at the airlines actions.-see the link below. A video was recorded which went viral. 
United airlines astrology Tara Greene
Under the Moon in Scorpio a man is stung by a Scorpion on a United Airlines flight from Calgary Canada to Houston Texas in business class. My friend Roxanna Sergeievna who loves astrology too, pointed this out on FB and she checked the astrology chart of United Airlines. Yes, businesses have birth charts too, dates of incorporation etc. United Airlines was founded on April 6, 1926 in Boise Idaho.
There are many transits to this event chart.
April 11…

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