Sun-Uranus Aries Conjunction – April 14 2017 -Genius Creative Ideas On the Go

Celestial Priestess's Fourth Density Journal

#Thursday April 13 2017🌞💡Tomorrow the Sun will conjunct Uranus in Aries. A spark of inspiration will ignite our willpower to commence on a new endeavor or to keep pushing forward on our established ideas.Uranus is inspiration and the Sun is creativity. When you put these two together in the sign of the pioneer you will get the motivation to put to action your ideas.📦A package has just arrived…📦

If for example you have this aspect happening on your 6th, something sudden might occur during the day that was not expected in regards to health or about ideas pertaining to your job. The moon is slowly waning and lowering the volume of intensity of these retrogrades.

Remember I said my computer was over heating on this retrograde? Well my friend suggested I buy this device that will cool your computer. My computer started at 113 degrees…

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