Reasons Not to Date an Aquarius

Brought a smile to my face.

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Reasons not to date an Aquarius1

  1. Does the Aquarius even like you?

Your crush has an aloof, cool disinterest. If she’s friendly, it’s to the same degree that she’s friendly to the girl who splashed beer on her shoes. If she’s unfriendly, she’s still willing to talk to you. Her distance is vague and alluring. Is she aloof because she’s nervous or because you bore her? Is she crushed out on you or merely willing to lurk beside you at the edge of the dance floor because she’s waiting for someone better to come along? The world may never know.

  1. The Aquarius Knows Everything

Talking politics, history, theory or astrology with Aquaman is always stimulating. No matter how out there your ideas, he’s unshockable—even excited to hear that you look at things differently from the rest of the sheeple. After a few hangouts, you realize that moment you thought you were blowing his mind, he was…

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