Prince Harry,Meghan Markle, fairy tale love in the stars

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Prince Harry is in Toronto, visiting his girlfriend Meghan Markle as of April 12th for Easter Weekend. For weeks now I have literally been able to smell the Prince and feel his presence. Meghan’s house is 9 kms. away from where I live in Leslieville in Toronto.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Tara Greene astrology

In my 2016 predictions about Prince Harry: “Harry will meet a commoner in another country and fall very fast. She could be the One.”  An engagement may be happening.” this is verifiable on the net, and in various media outlets. 

Why is Harry so besotted with Meghan? What do the stars say?

I have previously written about Prince Harry’s Astrology and his transits in 2013 and 2014.

Let’s dissect the stellar connections called synastry in Astrology between Harry and Meghan.

Prince Harry’s SUN is an earthy practical, analytical, intelligence, organized, humble Virgo. his 8th house {Scorpio like} of wealth, inheritance, depth, secrets, power…

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