Of Truths and Retrogrades

Into the Heart of Paradigm Shift

I sat down to write something about the end of Venus Retrograde. Hopefully something inspirational. What a six weeks it’s been. If I sit back and close my eyes and take myself back to March 4…my heart is flooded with so many mostly ecstatic emotions as I tune into just how much has shifted. I mean…there have literally been multiple sunsets with dolphins (or herons gazing out at dolphins), scenes straight out of dreams and visions manifesting in my waking life, channeled writings by the ocean, sunshine, rain storms, and an opening heart that for once doesn’t feel excruciatingly painful or unbearable (although still quite shockingly scared). There have been some plunges into the depths, as I expected with the Pisces bits, but generally speaking: blessings abound.

As all of this personal and interpersonally-focused content was bouncing around in my brain, as I engaged a flurry of cleaning to hopefully…

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