Mother of All Bombs-Apr 13

5D Astrology

While I don’t usually like to discuss what is in the news, today’s Top Story had me looking at the chart to see what aspects brought it on. As I’ve mentioned, I would like to talk more about less common aspects as they are occurring, but don’t have the software to track them as easily.

At 1:55pm (EST) someone in the office where I work came in and turned on the TV. They were covering the story of the ‘Mother of all bombs’ being utilized in Afghanistan.

The ASC for the chart over Cheboygan was at 12:17 Leo, Virgintile to the Mean North Node in Virgo. Virgintiles are 18 degrees and bring ‘events’. But, as you may recall yesterday’s post, the same story was the Sun Conjunct Eris in Aries applying to Conjunct Uranus just after midnight tonight (1:30am on Friday morning).

Turns out that Neptune and Eris are in…

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