Singers & Songwriters with Sun in Scorpio

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Singers & Songwriters with Sun in Scorpio

Joni Mitcell was born as Roberta Joan Anderson on 7 November 1943 at 22:00 in Fort Macleod, Alberta, Canada with a Mars-Saturn conjunction in Gemini,ascendant in Cancer, Moon in Pisces and Venus in a sweetness conjunction with Neptune in house 4 between Virgo and Libra.

Birth Chart for Joni Mitchell born on 7 Nov 1943 at 22::00 in Fort Macleod, Alberta, Canada

Joni Mitchell is something like the female corresponding counterpart and maybe to some extent antagonism to Neil Young.

Neil Young is my favourite songwriter – thats very personal. Neil was born on 12 November 1945 with the Moon in Aquarius, a Saturn-Mars conjunction between Cancer and Leo and Mercury in Sagittarius.

Astrological birth chart for Neil Young born on 12 Nov 1945 in toronto. Canada calculated for 12:00 noon – exact birth time unknown

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