Making Magic Happen With Jupiter Retrograde

Holistic Transformation

Hello there Holistic Transformers!

I am writing from my new base, still in beautiful Bristol. I’ve been thanking the lucky stars and helpers for this recent move, it has brought home to me the change from the beginning of February, when things looked a bit (imminently) bleak. I was holding on to too much need to control and too much fear as to what may happen. I then got very, very ill and the weeks of being literally sick and tired helped break down the need to both control and the fear. That’s when I opened myself up to the possibilities again. That’s when the magic happened!

On reflection, it’s easy to see how we can remind other people about not holding on to fears and trying to allow things to happen, we’re not always as good as following our own guidance!

So what has this to do with Jupiter…

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