Featured Card of the Day – Queen of Cups – Monstarot from Joanna Nelson Studio

Tarot by Cecelia

Artist: Joanna Nelson

Website: JoannaNelsonStudio.com


Compassionate, intuitive, discreet

Artist Interpretation

The Queen of Cups sits on a rock by the sea. She is a compassionate creature, a water spirit. She listens quietly to the gentle crash of each wave that speaks to her. These are the sounds of her inner voice. Her sea friends know she is nurturing and can sense the needs of other creatures around her.

Card Meaning

Be gentle and kind to yourself and others. The Queen is a nurturing friend, who seems to know how you feel, without being told, inspiring you to be compassionate and supportive of those around you. Be a rock to a friend in need, offer comfort to someone in pain. Accept your intuition, and explore your emotions – let them guide and lead you, in moderaton, rather than being a slave to them.

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