Emerald Astrology

Aries, like the Spirit of Spring, is fiery, initiative, passionate, and ready to lead and bring forth new life into being, but be quick to catch a glimpse of Aries in action before he/she moves on to the next wave of ideas. Aries is the first zodiac of the twelve, making it the leader. Aries embodies passion, charisma, and enthusiasm and is very contagious to whoever is around. If the Aries personality comes off a bit brash it could be because of impatience of getting things moving or out of pure innocence. Aries being the first sign has a touch of innocence and self-awareness of a newborn. There can be a great sense of ‘I’ and ‘ME’, but don’t be taken back by this innocent force, Aries can also be very romantic and giving because of it being a Cardinal sign.

Aries being a cardinal sign gives it vitality…

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