April 12, 2017 (Julian 102)

Irregular Oracle

April 12, 2017 (Julian 102)

The Full Moon begins to wane more clearly.  Soon, on Saturday, Venus stations direct.  Relationships, values, and finances (especially the last in a Scorpio Moon) are at the forefront of our concerns.

Moon in Scorpio activates Mercury Retrograde in early morning hours (about 3 AM CDT) and some of us have wacky nuisance events of some kind plaugue us.  This is a car breakdown on a lare night snack run (or police encounter with Moon in Scorpio) or an odd misunderstanding or something like that.

Silent for most of the day, the Moon makes sesquiquadrates to Chiron then Venus about 4 PM CDT and 5:30 PM CDT.  We feel a sense of urgency regarding something involving helping another, spirituality, health, or maybe poetry or lyrics.  Songwriters and poets should wrap up current project and begin a review of old projects put on hold.  A trine…

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