After All, Who Are You?

In a Love World

Heavenletter #4349
Published on: October 21, 2012

God said:

Even though We are all One and there is no We and there is no you, even though I am One, the designated We can say that you are One with everyone. There is amazing diversity in the world, amazing seeming diversity in the world. In the world, there is diversity. There is Oneness, and there is also uniqueness. Everyone is the same, and, yet, no two are alike. No two think alike, see alike, look alike. No one is the exact replica of another. And in everyone who does not see as you see, think as you think, and so on, you find yourself. You see who you are in the contrast between so-called others and yourself. From the perceived uniqueness of others, you begin to know yourself. This is something like seeing those photos that you can look at…

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