Saturn Is In Retrograde: Buckle up For The Karmic Roller Coaster Ride

Author Janell Hihi

Saturn Retrograde 2017 starts on April 6 at 27° Sagittarius and stations direct on August 25 at 21° Sagittarius.

Saturn is in retrograde along with Mercury and Venus? WTF is going on in the sky? Why are all the planets moving backward?

The universe is communicating to humanity that moving backward is moving forward & moving forward means we must look back to reflect on who we are and where it is we want to go in the future.

Saturn is the lord of Karma and the Ambassador of hard work, structure, stability and discipline. Retrograde motion is the time when Karma is sorted out. You dished it a few months ago, but can you take it? Well, you are about to find out! The books are about to be balanced and if you were naughty Papa Saturn is going to discipline you.

karmawheel1No worries, Saturn’s discipline is out of love. Saturn…

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