Sagittarius Moon: A Wild Woman 

Stellar Blonde

She steps from side to side on the sidewalk,without a glance at you..Her head must be in the clouds,right? Wrong.A woman of this nature has a head that is wrapped around more things than you could possibly imagine.Her moon sign needs freedom to feel love,and seems to be idolized by others as wise.She has either been traveling countries of the world or has been down many,many roads in the knowledge that she has gained through her life.

(Yoko Ono)

In love,she learns from her mistakes like other women may not.She is not flighty,she is intelligent.She is a free spirit that needs to be trusted by her lover to be apart from them,because she will want to do things on her own too.Her mother might have taught her at a young age to be independent undoubtedly,which gives her the reputation of being cold or uncaring.She is a priestess and will need…

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