Pink Moon in Libra 4.11.17

Namaste Space

I am so excited for this Full Moon! I feel very connected to Libra, being an air sign myself (Gemini). Another reason I love Libra so much is one of my best friends and my husband fall under this sign. Libra is all about balance, seeing things from all angles and having the best partnerships possible.

I feel like the last few months of my life have been really a lot of inner work, I’m sure you’ve all felt it too. The Universe has been demanding us to step up. I have been setting goals, reorganizing my life and reevaluating a lot of aspects. However with the April Full Moon it’s time to shift gears and see how you can help others and their greater good, how can you truly be of service to the world?? Don’t get me wrong… This moon isn’t all about other people. It is also…

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