Moon Transit in Scorpio

Emerald Astrology

Starting on April 12, Moon will be transiting in the sign Scorpio for the next 2 1/2 days and will pull you down into the underworld, where Pluto or Hades prevail. Not trying to scare you or anything, just being honest. I am familiar with this energy since this is my natal Moon. So, what does this mean to have Moon, the planet of instinct, emotions, and nurturance in the sign of secretive Scorpio? This energy that is ruled by Pluto and Mars is allowing the veil that separates the conscious world and subconscious world to be very thin or the veil that separates life and death to be very thin. You may experience some paranormal activity, power struggles, and or emotional intensity in your waking life or dreams, and these experiences are obviously not so nurturing like the Moon in Cancer is. The Moon in Scorpio is considered to be…

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