Full Moon in Libra with some words about Equality

One of the best articles I have seen on these topics in quite some time.

Readings by Yerevan

The Full Moon at 21 degrees of Libra, April 10th/11th opens up a can of whoopass in that iron-fist-under-velvet glove style that could have rippling effects throughout the week. Libra is a sign that is as much about payback as it is peace and harmony. It is a masculine air sign ruled by a feminine planet, which is another reason why it has come to symbolize balance. Right now the scales are tipping like mad and things need to be dealt with, measured out, distributed and organized ASAP.

Jupiter, the planet that heightens whatever it happens to  contact is just a few degrees behind the Full Moon which opposes Uranus, planet of reversals. All relationships, past, present and future are taking on heightened levels of importance. With Libra’s ruling planet Venus is in a square with Retrograde Saturn there is a bit of serious business to attend, which may or…

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