April’s Pink Moon

Bonjour Jordan


Heads up werewolves, there’s a full moon coming this week and guess what? It’s a pink one. Yeah, you read that right, a moon Elle Woods herself would be happy to see shinning down in all its pink (and glamorous) glory. 

But what exactly is a Pink Moon and what does it mean for us mere mortals?

Well make yourself cozy my dear friend, because things are going to get a little, eh… well, pink around here…

A full moon is a lunar phase that occurs every 29.9 days when the moon is completely visible from Earth. This next full moon will rise on April 11, 2017 and is most commonly referred to as, yeah, you guessed it: The Pink Moon. Tuesday night will be the most optimal time to see the moon but it should also be visible between Monday April 10 and onto April 12.

I’m sorry to disappoint and please…

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