The Meaning Behind the Houses in Astrology

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First House (Ascendant) – The Individual Identity

The first house shows us how we introduce ourselves to the world. It mixes the sun sign and moon sign and follows with the 3rd most important sign which is the Ascendant (The Meaning Ascendant Sign). The Ascendant sign discloses to us a considerable measure about a persons individuality. The planet for this sign translates a great significance. It shows us how a person first represents themselves to the world.

Second House – Possessions and Body Image

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The second house portrays our body image or assets dealing with the flesh. It also can inform us on how we manage riches and collectibles.

Third House – Correspondence

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The third house planets  denotes correspondence particularly with the kin and the level of connection we have with these relationship. It also can display the relationships that impact our everyday life and how we go…

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