Aries Hugh Hefner 91st birthday. Check out some of the Playboy bunnies


hugh huffington place.jpgPhoto courtesy of the huffington posts

Aries Hugh Hefner is celebrating his birthday today. In case you dont know Hugh Hefner is famous for his playboy bunnies, and his magazine. He lives a such a lifestyle that most men would dream of.

Plenty of woman, plenty of money , and plenty of travel. This is a Aries sun sign ! They are the first of everything, and the Aries men have a tendency to having side women on the side.

hugh uptown magazinePhoto courtesy of Playboy magazine

They have the want of variety and dont mind exploring the different ways to get there. He is still strongly vital at his age of 95 years old !  wonder if his penis still get hard though? I guess you can take some medicine for that sort of thing. Anyway lets celebrate his birthday and some of his smoking hot bunnies!!

hugh e online.jpgphoto courtesy of eonline

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