Global power pt 3 – financial warning summary

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Basic definitions:

Saturn: authority, ambition, authoritarians, control, experience, wisdom; greater malefic.
Uranus: electricity, electronics, technology, innovation, the masses, discontent, rebellion, extremes.
Pluto: banks, cabals, plutocrats, wealth, resources, power, regeneration and transformation.
Capricorn: government, fathers/parents, paternalism; cardinal earth sign in charge of material organization and resources, which generally involves tacit control behind the scenes most often through official positions.

The Saturn-Pluto cycle hits peaks when in strong aspects.

The strongest aspects are conjunctions, parallels, squares, oppositions, and contra-parallels. These are times when spasms for control hit in politics and economics. These major aspects of Saturn and Pluto are at their peak of potential effect when in the signs of Gemini/Cancer and Sagittarius/Capricorn. That is because those sign pairs are where the planets are when in furthest north and south declination respectively. Those extremes of declination are where the planets slow down and make longer lasting aspects.

Saturn is now parallel Pluto…

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