COTD 07.04.17: Special you are…

Guinevere Fae

The Magician07.04.16 – Today’s COTD is I The Magician

Wow, I’ve just noticed this Magician has 5 fingers and a thumb on each hand!  Well I never, I’ve only been using this deck about 6 years and only just noticed!


Following on from that startling revelation…do you have anything extra special about yourself?

We all have a uniqueness about us, otherwise, the world would be a rather dull place to live wouldn’t it.   I’ve tried racking my brain to see what my special ‘thing’ is, and I’m stumped.  I know my job is classed as a ‘specialism’ in the overall job description, but I don’t think that counts.  Maybe it’s not about just one thing, maybe it’s a combination of all of me that makes me special, and well ‘me’.

Whatever makes you special and unique, embrace it, for you are you, and you are the only you on this…

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