COTD 06.04.17: Ranks of discord…

Guinevere Fae Tarot

Knight of Coins06.04.16 – Today’s COTD is Knight of Coins

It’s amazing how the faceless people in our lives can get us in such an uproar over petty things.  It’s as though they enjoy witnessing our distress for their own pleasure.

Rumours and tall tales filter down the ranks to reach our respective level, and by then (with a big dose of Chinese Whispers thrown in the mix) we get a very confusing mixed message coming to us.

We get into arguments and bickering sessions with those close to us, and that causes more unrest and bad atmospheres too.  Many of the events happening around us are often out of our control, we can have opinions, as we are entitled to them, yet rarely can we actually do much about these happenings.

Scaremongering, as I like to call it, seems rife.  No one knows what lies ahead, in any sector of our…

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