Astrology and sexual orientation

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This is a summary of a talk given by Spanish astrologer Elías D. Molins in Barcelona in June of 2015 at the 32º Congreso Ibérico de Astrología. The topic of discussion was Astrology and Homosexuality.


Elías begins by reviewing his use of fixed stars, dodecatemoria (twelfth parts) and antiscia in the interpretation of natal charts.  From AstroDataBank he has extracted the natal chart data of 2040 homosexual men and 418 lesbian women. He then calculated the statistical distribution of various astrological factors, looking for commonalities. His statistical findings include the following:


  • Most often in House XII (278 charts), House I (263 charts), and the sign Cancer (242 charts.
  • Least often in House VIII (166),  House IX (162) and House VI (152).


  • Most often in House XII (292) and House I (249).
  • Least often in the sign Pisces (171) and House VII (169).


  • Most…

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