Why Holding Space is important (and what it means)

Holistic Transformation

We need to hold space for ourselves when we are able to, we need to hold space for others so they can bring about their own healing, we need to hold space for the world as it adjusts to the changing (rising) vibration levels. That’s quite a sentence to write. It sounds good and all that, but what do we mean by the term ‘holding space’ and why do we need to do it?

Holding space is a term that covers a few different things, which is why it can be taken out of context or simply misunderstood.

To start off with trying to explain it, know this- people have likely been holding space for you your entire life. Your mother or father, step-parent, teachers, etc. gave you time and a safety net to develop in, to form your own thoughts and opinions and time to grow physically, mentally, emotionally…

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