Necessary Friction of Eris-Mar 26

5D Astrology

Snapshot: Very early Sunday morning (EST) we could have some unexpected words of discord. Be sure to share the covers 😉 But mid-morning the awareness should follow.

At 4:35am Mercury at 23:00 Aries Conjuncts Eris at 23:00 Aries.

While Eris has been Conjunct Uranus for months now, our awareness has often accompanied some discord, or the appropriate level of friction that promotes growth.

Let’s look a bit at what is known about Eris. Discovered on Jan 5, 2005, Eris was found to be bigger than Pluto. Which created a dilemma for Astronomers. From friction comes growth 😉 Pluto was Transiting Sagittarius, the Sign that rules Cosmology and Astronomy as the ‘big picture’ and ‘global/galactic view’. Named for a Greek goddess of ‘discord’ she has 2 faces of true strife, but also offers the ability to see the growth that results from it.

By Aug 24, 2006, the IAU demoted Pluto…

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