The Journey Continues – Has It Really Been That Long?

Journey to the Center of the Mind

6 Years

Who would have ever thought that when I decided to take my astrological bi-weekly newsletter to the internet that it would still be going after 6 years? Certainly not I.

I guess I mostly started this web site to get the astrology out to more people and to get the creative part of me to be more active. Then there’s the fact that you could say I have printer’s ink in my blood. Although my father wasn’t a reporter, he did work for a newspaper all his life as a linotype operator and machinist. That, of course, was long before computers and digital anything. I learned more from him than I think he probably ever realized.

What’s really funny about this 6th anniversary is that it slipped past me before I realized it happened. It was the beginning week of March, 2011, when I launched “Journey to the Center of…

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