Sun in Aries

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 March 19/20, 2017

Sun in Aries

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The Sun is changing signs from dreamy, sensitive Pisces to faster moving, thicker-skinned Aries on March 20th, where it stays through April 19th. In Aries, the energy is more enthusiastic and spontaneous. There’s a strong desire to conquer under this energy as we tend to bounce back much more quickly and can be brave, pioneering, and even somewhat innocent. With the Sun in Aries, we can be quite impulsive and act without consideration of the details, as we want to initiate something. Our personal goals become very important and there’s a strong urge to move forward and get things done.

We are more direct about what we need, but also we are shooting straight from the hip under this influence so we aren’t as complicated. Even though we are more strategic if need be, we aren’t necessarily in the…

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