Retrograde Venus: One Last Look.

Joanna-Kate Grant

As Venus retrogrades back through Aries to re-visit the last decan of Pisces, what does this mean for our relationships, our self worth and what we value about ourselves? As the planet Mercury, messenger and psychopomp, meets the goddess in a celestial assignation in the skies tonight, an opportunity exists, for us to tap into our psyches, and to gain the information that we need to shed light on her purpose in our lives at this time. In general, we may be becoming frustrated with the way things are going for us, in matters of the heart, or with the way we feel about ourselves, our status, our financial situation, and whether we are in a relationship or not, this may be a time of really looking at our relationship patterns or other repeating Venus issues, and to ask ourselves what the common denominator is with any problems that we…

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