March Equinox 2017

Mother Earth Father Sun

equinox March 2016

As the March equinox bears upon us, the Sun slips from Pisces into Aries, commencing a new solar year as celebrated by numerous cultures. New years bring new beginnings and the Sun is joined by Mercury, Venus and Uranus already in Aries. There is a lot of Aries energies coming up.
An equinox itself is an enabling energy, and as such an opportunity for further growth. For those that embrace this opportunity, the hard work of constantly processing and releasing that which no longer serves will propel us further on our journey.
Look at the drastic happenings occurring in the world. The same energies that are creating the macro patterns of chaos and change in the world are being reflected in the personal lives of every one of us. These energies affect us all, and those not moving with or into the new energies will have to deal…

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