Astrotheology: Part 3: Sun Gods

Charlie The Weaver


Of all the celestial bodies the sun is the biggest, brightest and most important. Without the sun none of us could live, so naturally it has had a huge influence on religion. Every night the sun would die (set) only to reborn once again in the morning. The Egyptians mythologized this daily ritual into the story of Osiris. The story starts out with Osiris as the King of Egypt till his brother Set decides to kill him and steal the throne. Osiris would go on to become the King of the underworld, but while Set ruled, Osiris’s wife Isis gave birth to a son, Horus, who grows up, defeats Set and reclaims the throne. In astrological terms, Set is the sunset (the dark aspect of the sun), Isis (the Queen of Heaven) is the night sky and the chaos which occurs each day when Set rules, and she inevitably gives birth…

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