Magical, Soulful Day – Mar 14

5D Astrology

Snapshot: Around 5:20pm on Monday, our communications become more aggressive and a bit more certain. Early Tuesday morning we have some magical/5D communication. Mid-morning (EST) our motivations to acquire create an ease with our day’s activities. Evening brings Soulful, subconscious clarity.

At 5:20pm on Monday, Mercury ingressed Aries.

Now we have some ideas of the new directions we are going in as Mercury has completed the dissolving of Pisces to bring up new ideas for the next cycle. As Mercury joins Venus in Aries, we will begin to speak about the desires we are reviewing with Venus Rx.

At 4:58am Mercury at 1:03 Aries Quintiles Jupiter at 19:03 Capricorn.

Here we have some magical communication with those who have some authority or money they want to share with us. Our words will be forceful but just the right measure to create great outcomes.

At 9:32am Mars at 3:18 Taurus Trines…

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