Full Moon in Virgo – Practical and Stable….even when the Sun is in Pisces


There’s a full moon in Virgo at 22 degrees on March 12, 2017.  Virgo is an earth sign.  Practical, particular, organized, structured.  Meticulous.  The sun is in Pisces – the opposite of Virgo. Pisces is watery, emotional, intuitive.   So we have that. Any time there is a full moon, it is in the opposite sign of where the sun is.

All full moons have a lot of energy.  Culmination, finishing, completion.  Fulfillment.  What to discard and let go of. Given that this one is in Virgo, we are being encouraged to be practical where we need to be.  Welcome structure in our lives in the areas that genuinely need structure.  Get any health issues checked into and figured out.

Chiron, the “wounded healer” is in Pisces.  Chiron issues (to me) are issues from our childhood that we carry around with us. That seem to haunt us at the most…

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