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The following is an extract from an online conversation at an introductory astrology site about whole sign houses versus Placidus and other ascendant based houses.  The conversation is between myself and Sandy, and Sandy shares the similarity with Donald Trump that her ascendant degree is late in her rising sign, in Sandy’s case, late in Scorpio.  Those people whose ascendants sits late in any sign have the greatest disparity between their horoscopes using an ascendant based house system like Placidus or the whole sign house system.


Sandy: Thanks for this.  I’m like in kindergarten when it comes to astrology, which is why I joined this group. I’ve got a great interest but it’s all so overwhelming. At the rate I’m going, I’m not really sure that I’ll ever make it to fourth grade level.   One of the first and most basic things I think would be to…

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