The Spirit of Pisces – Astrology for the Seasons

Shaunga Tagore

Welcome back to Astrology for the Seasons – a monthly blog series where I explore the wisdom that each astrological season can offer us. I started this series to experiment living in alignment with the lessons and insights of each astrological season, as a way to strengthen mental, emotional, energetic or all-around health.

Before there was a beginning, and after there was an ending…there was Pisces.

Pisces is the space between life, and the after-life. Mystical, confusing, foggy, blurry, whimsical. Like a lucid dream – you may be aware of yourself, but reality is distorted and you don’t know how to make sense of it. You’re floating in water and on air at the same time.

Pisces is the space that we all must travel through right before we are born, and right after we die.

Pisces is life in the womb, right before you’re ready for birth. You can…

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