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Pluto 3

While it is true that Pluto was/is the tiniest of the planets, the demotion it was given hasn’t changed the affect it has on us astrologically.

Even with its irregular orbit that takes it inside the orbit of Neptune, Pluto is one of the outer planets that some astrologers call “generational” planets and/or transpersonal planets. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are very slow moving and have orbits that take hundreds of years to complete around the Sun. For this reason, they affect generations of people more than having a specific affect on individuals.

Even the affect that they do have on individuals is in areas that take time: Uranus deals with intuitive awareness; Neptune with enlightenment; and, Pluto with the metamorphosis of the self.

Pluto, as a generational planet, speaks to the work that a specific generation of humans came here to do as a group. The “Boomer” generation, for the…

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