Weekly prediction, 7.3. – 12.3., Full Moon in Virgo – Things we are capable of, things we can change and achieve on our own

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Moon in Cancer, Moon in Leo

Transit strength:weak weekly transits.

Transit duration:Moon in Cancer will influence us from Monday till Wednesday, Moon in Leo from Thursday till Saturday.

Astrological layout

Both Moons will form aspects tothe retrograde Venus and these aspects will influence us the most, especially representatives of the fire signs, Sagittarians, Leos, Arians, and representatives of the cardinal signs, Cancers, Arians, Capricorns and Libras. On Tuesday and WednesdayMoon in Cancerwill be felt particularlyby those born at the beginning of April, July, October and January. Those of you with important planets and astrological points between 10 ° and 15 ° in the sign of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn,you will feel these influences as well. From Thursday till SaturdayMoon in Leowill be mostly felt by Arians and Leos and by those with major planets and astrological points between 10…

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