Transiting Mars into Taurus March 2017

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Shiny blue Mars sign on black background. Stock Vector - 24012004 Copyright : dvar

  • Astrological Event: Mars moves into Taurus
  • Date:  March 9 2017
  • Time: 7:34 pm (ET) 4:34 pm (PT)


What does it mean?

Mars is the male planet, he is action and can be aggressive, he can be rash and selfish, but also work in heroic ways to help us move forward, speak up for ourselves and others and pushes us to experience new frontiers. He is the ruler of Aries and corresponds to the head, the blood and the muscles.

  • Taurus is ruled by Venus (the opposite of Mars)
  • Taurus is connected to the 2nd house of financial and material security.
  • Time to put the brakes on for a while and slow down. Taurus doesn’t like to be rushed it only upsets her.
  • Frustrations are likely for those who “demand” answers right away or expect results at the drop of a hat
  • It’s a good time to talk…

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